Vanilla Rooibos part 3a

Why drink Vanilla Rooibos Tea ? It is a good way to comfort you by relaxing your mind and body. Drinking vanilla rooibos tea is a perfect alternative for coffee. It contains no caffeine so it is beneficial for those who have insomnia. It is rich in antioxidants and minerals like what other teas have thus it is good for your skin. It can also help you to relieve skin allergies and rashes. Vanilla Rooibos tea has been known to be helpful in boosting your immune system and can relieve respiratory problems. It improves your blood circulation, lowers your cholesterol, relieves stomach aches and promotes better sleep. On the other hand, further studies conducted by experts proved that vanilla rooibos tea can also prevent you from unwanted cells that can cause cancers, can fight liver related diseases and diabetes.     If you want a healthy and refreshing drink, try vanilla rooibos tea to experience a sweet-soothing flavour that will definitely make you ask for another cup!


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