Vanilla Rooibos part 2a

Rooibos Tea mix with the soothing taste of vanilla makes a great choice in picking up a menu. Some cafeteria serves Vanilla Rooibos tea in either espresso, latte or your personal choice if you want to customize its foam. Vanilla Rooibos tea is sweetened with syrup before being topped with steamed milk.

Drinking vanilla rooibos tea does not only give you a relaxed feeling but also, gives you a lot of health benefits. Rooibos tea itself is full of healthy goodies, adding vanilla makes it even healthier and yummier. Vanilla extract is found to be unique as a flavoring agent. It is composed of simple and compound sugars, essential oil, vitamins and minerals that can help regulate your body and nervous system. Truly vanilla is ideal to be served with rooibos tea for so many reasons. It‘s also vanilla that gives the pleasant aroma for each cup to make your every sense crave for more.


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