Rooibos information

More Rooibos health benefits pt 3

One effect of lack of sleep is feeling tired and drained all the time. You just woke up and you’re already feeling tired. You used the elevator to go to floor 7 but you still feel tired. Almost in everything you do, you feel tired! So what are you going to do now? Get a sufficient sleep, BUT HOW?!

Here are few proven sleep tips which can help you get a good night’s rest:

1. Do not eat heavy meal 2 hours before bedtime.

2. Drink lots of water (around 2 liters) everyday to avoid waking up in the middle of sleep because of thirst.

3. Exercise daily to promote more oxygen to your blood and promote proper blood circulation.

4. Avoid stressful activities

5. Avoid carbonated drinks!

If you just can’t help drinking tea or coffee, which have large caffeine content, one highly suggested alternative is Roobios tea or more correctly spelled as Rooibos tea. As it has zero caffeine and promotes a good night’s sleep. You can enjoy its aroma and distinctive taste while it relaxes your sore muscles and replenishes your body as it is packed with antioxidants than green tea and coffee. This “miracle plant” also aids in preventing your body from aforementioned diseases and types of cancers. Its major anti-aging properties can also help you stay younger-looking from inside out. One other thing to keep in mind is that even if red rooibos isn’t your thing there is also the green version called green rooibos .


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