Vanilla Rooibos 1a

Sweet-soothing vanilla rooibos

Hopefully you have gotten to experience the new kid on the block, rooibos tea, but if you are wondering what is rooibos just keep on reading to find out all about this amazing drink.

Rooibos Tea also known as red tea, a red bush plant from Western Cape, South Africa has indeed become one of the popular beverages we have now around the world. Although its fresh leaves are also green like the usual, it turns to red after the fermentation process. This healthy beverage which is being embraced by people for centuries continuously brings benefits for each and every one who is enjoying this nutritious drink derived from a plant known by its scientific name as Aspalathus linearis.

It is cool to know that we have different ways of preparing this healthy drink as well as different ways in adding some flavor to it to satisfy our taste buds.

One of the reasons why rooibos tea became famous around the world is not only due to its distinct taste but also it can be consumed with added sweeteners like milk, sugar, honey, lemon or vanilla to add a refreshing taste. Since rooibos tea is an herbal brew, it is healthier than the usual teas available in cafeterias or super markets.


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