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Don’t know what rooibos is , don’t worry as it is just really starting to take a grip on the world as we speak! Maybe by the time you are done reading the awesome recipes at the bottom of this page you will find rooibos has taken over the entire world 🙂 Just kidding , it is not an invasion rather a awesome spreading of the amazing drink referred to as red bush or red tea!

Amazing vanilla chai rooibos

Rooibos or red tea is a very versatile type of tea as it can go well with a huge number of flavorings such as honey, lemon, cinnamon, milk, fruit extracts etc. The amount of rooibos health benefits is truly amazing, and is just in addition to the great taste of drinking this tisane. There are lots of drink recipes which includes rooibos as its chief ingredient. It has gained its popularity because of its absolutely zero caffeine property better enough to replace coffee and other types of teas such as green, black or white tea.

Rooibos either in the form of red or green tea can be served hot or cold. Hot rooibos tea is just perfect during winter and spring time, you know when people just want to relax and detoxify over the cool breeze they can benefit of its sweet nutty aroma. Aside from its calming and relaxing properties it is also a potent source of antioxidants, enzymes and nutrients which is why it is best for you and your family. Another way to enjoy rooibos is by preparing it as a cold drink same with other teas. Rooibos iced tea is gaining much popularity nowadays that there are a growing number of restaurants (other than Chinese restaurants) and fast-food chains over the world which includes it on their specialties.

Some of the rooibos – based drinks you can checkout are:

1. Rooibous cocktail- an infusion of ingredients like dried lavender, cinnamon, vanilla, citrus (lemon and orange peel), peppercorns, mint, sliced almonds, cardamom and rooibos leaves heated up using red berry vodka on a specialized container. You will definitely enjoy how unique and entertaining drink geniuses prepare it as it can be found on mostly bars and restaurants in US.

2. Red Espresso /rooibos espresso – packed with antioxidants, minerals and flavonoids, this hot drink (“HOT” which pertains to two reasons: 1. It is served as a hot beverage and 2. It is just so hot you should try it!) is the better counterpart of coffee espresso for those who doesn’t want to add caffeine on their system yet craving for an espresso.

3. Rooibos Pacific Sun – a mixture of Rooibos, orange peel, safflower, calendula, dried rose petals, vanilla and apricot. It’s just perfect while enjoying the sweet scent of spring season.

4. Rooibos Lollies –a refreshing blend of fresh raspberries/strawberries, blueberries, cranberry juice, mint and rooibos leaves. You will definitely love it if you are so into fruity drinks and it is served cold by the way.

5. Roasted Apple and Cinnamon Rooibos Tea – as its name suggests, this rooibos-based drink is a blend of roasted apple, cinnamon and rooibos loose leaf. If you are so into the zesty flavor of apple (and want to feel as beautiful as Snow white…J ok just kidding!) and would love to try some tea, you will surely like this mixture.

6. vanilla rooibos tea is an amazing drink as well. It is similar to the preparation method as mentioned in number 5, but will give you an amazing, smooth, vanilla flavor instead of the spicy cinnamon from the above blend.

These are just five of the many drinks you can do with rooibos or red tea. There are hundreds more or even more you can check out! You can always reinvent and personalize your drinks with this wholesome African treat! And by the way, if you are wondering how to say rooibos then just say it however you want to 🙂 Most people will know what you are saying,and if people are being really picky and can’t get what you are asking. Then just say it how it sounds, like Roy Bus!


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