herbal teas

Herbal Teas pt 1

Mango herbal tea

Great tasting herbal tea from theteacupany!

When you finally decided to switch to healthy living, it may have crossed your mind to substitute your high calorie drink with herbal tea. So, you went to the store to buy herbal tea but you soon discovered that there are lots of them. Your first question might be what is herbal tea . Many herbs and some combination of herbs are used to make the tea. Now, where do you start? To know more about herbal tea, first, you need to learn the basics.

Tea is used to refer to black and green tea, and all other types of tea which comes from the tea plant. “Tea” is another term for “tisane”, or herbal infusion. It is the more appropriate term to use when referring to herbs and spices steeped in hot water to make a beverage. Thus, the term “herbal tea” can mean any herb or plant used to make a tisane.

Herbal tea can be made by various ways. The fresh leaves of the plant is boiled in water for a few minutes and cooled before drinking. Other plant parts can be used such as stems, roots, seeds, branches, or flowers. It can also be steeped in hot water and is never boiled. In some herbal teas, plant parts can also undergo processes such as drying or fermenting before steeping in hot water.

For every ailment that you want to cure, there is an herbal tea for that. A few examples would be chamomile tea for insomnia; St. John’s wort as an anti-depressant; rooibos for its antioxidant property; and ginseng for energy boost.will be easier for you to select your herbal tea.


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