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What is Roiboos and how to brew rooibos

If you are looking for a better alternative for coffee, soda or other caffeinated drinks, then roiboos has a bright idea to suggest to you.There are many rooibos health benefits that can be gained for drinking this tasty brew, so why not try it out.

Just to give you a quick Roiboos idea, Roiboos (or more correctly spelled as rooibos) is an herbal plant native in South African savannas. It has yellow flowers and very fragrant leaves which are used for centuries as medicinal herb to treat several skin diseases, cardiovascular ailments, help pregnant women from their conception to child delivery and incredibly a lot more.

Nowadays, Roiboos are widely exported as an ingredient and flavoring for cosmetics, food and beverages, and several commercial products. Roiboos is most prevalently consumed as tea all over the world now and still gaining popularity because it’s absolutely caffeine-free.

You can find roiboos tea to be your best drink buddy whatever career or walk of life you belong.

1. Office Staffs (workaholics!) – Stress from deadlines and your boss can definitely break the nerves off you.  Mental strain caused by too much work will not just cause you unhappy career but also a health crash. By drinking a relaxing cup of rooibos tea at least twice a day, you will give your mind a total relaxation and rest. Roiboos has calming properties which replenishes and hydrates your cells. It is super hydrating allowing more oxygen to your blood. This allows you to think more clearly thus helping you perform at your best.

2. Athletes – If you belong to the “so-health-meticulous-club” of the world and just can’t help maintaining a healthy lifestyle then roiboos tea is an absolute must-have! Roiboos tea is packed with nutrients (vitamins and minerals) as well as enzymes (proteins) which help you burn fat and bring back electrolytes you loose everyday. It is a powerful source of antioxidants which also helps you get rid of free-radicals and helps improve blood circulation. It helps you gain the most nutrients from the food you eat and brings out excessive fat, gas, and liquids inside your stomach.

3. Children and Pregnant women – Roiboos tea can be taken by general consumers- from children, pregnant and nursing women as well as adults. Since it is caffeine-free you don’t have to worry of troubles in getting sleep and palpitations. For infants and children, it helps them get the most nutrients from the food they eat. It promotes overall health of the heart, liver and other internal organs; maintains vigorous skin and strengthens their immune system. For pregnant women, it helps them deliver their babies safely as it strengthens muscles and allows more contraction during child-bearing. For adults, it helps them fight premature aging (wrinkles, laugh lines, craw’s feet, and age spots) as it promotes natural skin regeneration from deep beneath your skin layers making you look good and feel younger.

Roiboos tea is very safe for daily consumption and approved by most health experts. Served hot or cold, you can enjoy its strong spicy-sweet-smelling aroma which will surely captivate your mind and body. One of my favorite rooibos blends has got to be citrus rooibos blend . Take a read of the article and you will find out a great place to get some tasty rooibos.

One other thing to keep in mind is that rooibos is a lot smaller than your typical loose leaf tea. Due to this you might need something special to brew up your cuppa so you might want to look at this tea brewer. The screen is very small and great for brewing rooibos and it is called the brewt brewer . It is really a life save and will make your life very very easy.


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